SexLikeReal Review: Is the Largest VR Porn Library Enough?

This is a review of SexLikeReal, one of my favorite modern adult VR websites ever.

One of the things I’ve always liked about SLR is how modern it is. It has its own VR app so that you have maximum compatibility while watching its content. When you subscribe, you get access to sex toy scripts that synchronize vibrations between the video and your toy.

In addition to over 30,000 premium videos from the biggest studios, SexLikeReal owns its own SLR Originals studio, with content not found on any other platform.

Overall, SexLikeReal is a great alternative to other popular consolidated sites like and POVR.

Keep reading this review for key features you need to check out and more details on what makes this site so unique.


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SexLikeReal is one of the top adult VR websites on the internet, with a huge content library from all of the best studios. Plus, it offers content from SLR Originals, its own lineup of VR porn scenes.

SLR has its own VR app for the Meta Quest, for maximum compatibility. It allows you to pan, tilt, and zoom around each video in more detail.

SLR contains some really good extras too, including live VR cam girls, sex toy scripts, and other interactive elements to try out. VR porn games is one area that SLR doesn’t focus on compared to an alternative like


Diverse content selection

High-quality videos

Lots of original content

Dedicated VR app


No VR games

Toy scripts cost extra

Some low-quality studios

SexLikeReal Overview

SexLikeReal is a virtual reality (VR) adult entertainment platform that offers an immersive and diverse collection of erotic content. Founded by Alex Novak in 2015, the platform has become a leading destination for users seeking a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and adult experiences.

With a library featuring over 30,000 scenes and 5,000 performers, SexLikeReal consolidates content from top VR porn studios. It is one of the largest adult VR websites in the world.

SLR contains interactive features like Passthrough AR, Sex Toy Scripts, and AI-driven experiences, enhancing the level of engagement for users. Additionally, SexLikeReal has a VR player app for Android and Windows, which is key for users looking for a seamless video streaming.

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Key SexLikeReal Features

Content Inclusivity

SexLikeReal excels in content inclusivity by consolidating videos from a myriad of top VR porn studios. With a library boasting over 30,000 scenes and 5,000 porn stars, including Serena Hill, Kendra Sunderland, Molly Little, Agatha Vega, Angel Youngs, Tru Kait, and Blake Blossom, you gain access to a diverse range of experiences.

SLR tries to be a one-stop destination for varied and engaging adult content.

Interactive Features

Immersive interactions are at the forefront of SexLikeReal’s offerings. Features like Passthrough AR, Sex Toy Scripts, and AI-driven experiences elevate user engagement, providing a more realistic and personalized encounter.

These innovations contribute to an enhanced, hands-on exploration of intimate content.

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Extensive Video Quality Options

Recognizing the importance of video quality in delivering a lifelike experience, SexLikeReal offers a spectrum ranging from 1080p to 3584p. This flexibility enables you to tailor your viewing experience, ensuring the content is visually immersive and realistic according to your preferences.

Innovative VR App

SexLikeReal’s commitment to providing cutting-edge experiences extends to its VR app. The app is available for Android and Windows. You can use the player to adjust each video and watch scenes from different angles. When you are finished, you can put a password on the app so that others can’t launch it.

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Live VR Cam Girls

SexLikeReal has over 75 live cam girls on its platform. You can enjoy one-on-one interactions, bringing real-time intimacy to the virtual world. This feature allows personalized connections, free chat options, and private sessions, creating a unique and interactive adult entertainment experience.

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SexLikeReal Pricing

SexLikeReal has several pricing tiers:

Monthly premium: $24.99

  • Subscription for one month at $24.99.
  • Access to the extensive library of content.
  • Basic subscription without additional features.

Monthly premium (with Sex Toy Scripts): $34.99

  • Monthly subscription at $34.99.
  • Includes Sex Toy Scripts for an enhanced, interactive experience.
  • It is ideal for users seeking additional immersive features.
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30 Day Access: $32.99

  • One-time access for 30 days at $32.99.
  • Enjoy the full array of content without a long-term commitment.
  • No automatic renewal at the end of the period.

30 Day Access (with Sex Toy Scripts): $44.99

  • 30-day access at $44.99.
  • Incorporates Sex Toy Scripts for an interactive viewing experience.
  • Provides flexibility with a short-term commitment.

Annual premium: $179.88

  • Year-long subscription at $179.88.
  • Unlimited access to the vast content library for an entire year.
  • Cost-effective for long-term enthusiasts.

Annual premium (with Sex Toy Scripts): $239.88

  • Annual subscription at $239.88.
  • Includes Sex Toy Scripts for added interactivity.
  • Offers a comprehensive package for immersive experiences.

Lifetime Premium: $599.99

  • A one-time payment for a lifetime subscription is $599.99.
  • Unlimited access without worrying about subscription renewals.
  • Ideal for committed users seeking long-term value.

Lifetime Premium (with Sex Toy Scripts): $1699

  • Lifetime subscription at $1699.
  • Includes Sex Toy Scripts for a perpetual interactive experience.
  • Provides a lifetime of unlimited access with enhanced features.

SexLikeReal supports various payment options, including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Sofort, PaySafeCard, Bitcoin, Lightning Network, and more, ensuring flexible and convenient payment for users.

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What I Like Most About SexLikeReal

I like so many things about SexLikeReal. Using the site has been a real eye-opener for me. The huge collection of over 30,000 scenes is like stepping into a world with something for everyone. It’s not just about having lots of stuff; the scenes are well-made and cover various interests.

What’s cool is that I can choose how I want to pay with options that fit how much I watch. This means I get to control my spending and enjoy things my way. The VR cams make the experience more authentic. It’s like having a connection beyond just watching.

Plus, SLR keeps things fresh by adding over 200 new scenes every month. There is always something exciting to check out. SexLikeReal has become my go-to for adult content with its variety, flexibility, and immersive features.

What I Don’t Like About SexLikeReal

While my experience with SexLikeReal has been positive overall, a couple of aspects deserve attention. One thing to note is that the premium catalog can change as studios are added or removed. This can be unpredictable, and it would be great if there were more stability in the premium offerings.

Another consideration is the pricing. Compared to some alternatives, it comes off as more expensive. Making SLR more budget-friendly could widen its appeal to a broader audience.

So, while SexLikeReal offers a rich and immersive experience, addressing these factors could contribute to an even more seamless and user-friendly platform.


As you can see, there are many reasons to check out SexLikeReal. Besides having one of the largest content libraries, it also has some really nice additional features. The company ha always tried to stay one step ahead of its competition, releasing its own app and getting into new technology like augmented reality before others.

The only drawback to SLR is its premium price point. It costs more than most other competitors. However, you do get the largest offering of things besides games.

With over ten new releases every day, the content library sill grow faster than you can watch it.

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