POVR Review: The Fastest-Rising VR Porn Site

This is a review of POVR, one of the fastest-rising VR porn sites on the internet today.

I’ve been a member of POVR since its early days and its expansion in growth and popularity has been fun to see. If you want to sample adult videos from every single VR studio in the world, POVR is your top choice. I’ve used multiple VR headsets to browse and stream from the website.

Overall, POVR is a great alternative to other popular consolidated sites like VRPorn.com and SexLikeReal. With content from over 90 studios, it has the largest variety.

Keep reading this review for key features you need to check out and more details on what makes this site so unique.


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POVR is a premium destination in the adult VR landscape, offering an exclusive and immersive experience. It boasts a curated collection of high-quality VR content sourced from 90+ VR porn studios.

POVR prides itself on regular updates, ensuring fresh and diverse content for its users. One of the key highlights is its compatibility with all leading VR headsets, providing a seamless and versatile viewing experience.

As the site continues to evolve, there’s an opportunity to enhance user experience further. Games is one area that POVR doesn’t focus on, but their competitors do.


Diverse content selection

High-quality videos

Good category selection

Growing list of original videos


No ‘extra’ content

Could use a site update to reference new headsets

Some low-quality studios

POVR Overview

POVR is a virtual reality porn platform that was launched in February 2020 by a parent company known as Foshan Ltd. based in Mahe, Seychelles. POVR specializes in delivering a unique and immersive experience and serves as a centralized hub for virtual reality content, hosting a diverse collection from over 90 top VR studios.

The platform’s primary focus lies in providing users with a one-stop destination to explore a vast array of virtual reality scenes, encompassing categories like white, upskirt, trans, and threesomes, involving over 5,100 porn stars. With compatibility across various VR headsets, including the Meta Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and more, POVR positions itself as the ultimate destination for enthusiasts seeking high-quality VR porn content.

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POVR’s appeal is its commitment to offering both quantity and quality. The platform ensures a rich and diverse selection by aggregating content from renowned studios such as Wankz VR, BaDoink VR, and VR Bangers. Beyond serving as a curator, POVR steps into the production realm with its original scenes, adding a layer of innovation to the immersive adult entertainment experience.

The platform’s library, comprising over 18,000 VR porn videos, is not only expansive but constantly evolving, with daily additions ensuring you have access to fresh and engaging content.

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Key POVR Features

Here are the key features of POVR:

Diverse Content Curation

POVR stands out with its extensive content curation, aggregating virtual reality scenes from over 88 top VR studios. This diversity caters to a wide range of preferences, offering you the opportunity to explore categories such as throat fuck, anal, white, upskirt, trans, and threesomes. POVR features over 5,100 porn stars, which is huge!

With POVR, you don’t need to navigate multiple sites for varied VR adult entertainment experiences.

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Immersive Video Quality

With a commitment to quality, POVR offers immersive VR videos ranging from 4K to 8K. Whether you prefer the standard 4K scenes or the more advanced 8K experiences, POVR ensures a visually stunning and detailed encounter.

This commitment to video quality enhances the overall immersive experience, allowing you to enjoy the content in high resolution, making the platform a standout in the VR adult entertainment niche.

Content From Leading VR Websites

POVR sources content from renowned VR sites like Wankz VR, BaDoink VR, and VR Bangers, introducing you to scenes featuring top-tier adult stars like Gabbie Carter and Penny Pax. By consolidating content from these esteemed websites, POVR ensures that you have access to premium and diverse experiences.

POVR provides a gateway to the best content without navigating multiple platforms.

Interactive Theater Mode

Interactive theater mode sets POVR apart by offering you a seamless and immersive way to navigate the extensive video collection. This feature allows you to explore the content in a virtual theater environment, enhancing your viewing experience.

With the simplicity of hitting play and automatic initiation, the interactive theater mode provides a user-friendly and enjoyable means of exploring the vast library of VR scenes.

Live Streaming Options

POVR extends its offerings beyond pre-recorded content with live streaming options, including cam girls. This feature adds a dynamic element to the platform, allowing you to engage in real-time experiences.

The inclusion of live streaming broadens the scope of adult entertainment on POVR, providing interactive and diverse content beyond traditional VR scenes.

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POVR Pricing

POVR’s pricing model caters to a range of user preferences, offering flexibility through trial and monthly subscriptions, cost-effectiveness with a yearly plan, and a one-time lifetime subscription for those seeking permanent access to the platform’s extensive VR library.

Below are the pricing tiers:

Trial Subscription

  • Price: $0.00 (Limited Access for two days).
  • Features: Provides a limited but free trial period, allowing you to explore the platform before committing to a subscription.

Monthly Subscription

  • Price: $15/month
  • Features: Grants unrestricted access to POVR’s extensive library of VR content for a month. A suitable option for those seeking flexibility without a long-term commitment.

Yearly Subscription

  • Price: $97.20.
  • Length: 12 months.
  • Features: Offers a cost-effective annual plan, providing uninterrupted access to POVR’s vast collection for an entire year. Ideal for those committed to long-term VR adult entertainment.

Lifetime Subscription

  • Price: $449.95 (one-off payment).
  • Length: Unlimited.
  • Features: A one-time payment unlocks lifetime access to POVR, making it a compelling option if you anticipate ongoing interest in virtual reality adult content. Provides a cost-efficient long-term solution without recurring fees.

You get access to the entire platform in each of the subscription options.

Accepted payment methods include BitCoin, PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, Diner, and JCB.

What I Like Most About POVR

What captivates me most about POVR is its unique combination of features. The extensive variety of categories, spanning from standard scenarios to more niche preferences like upskirt, trans, and threesomes, ensures that I can curate my experience precisely to my liking.

More than my other VR porn subscriptions, I always enjoy browsing the categories on POVR the most.

The platform’s exclusivity shines through content curated from over 90 top VR studios, featuring names like VR Bangers, WankzVR, and BaDoink VR. This curated library brings a premium feel to every session, creating an anticipation of discovering scenes from renowned studios. POVR has also started posting exclusive scenes they have created, which improves the exclusivity on the site.

The immersive quality of POVR’s VR videos is another thing I like about the platform. The transition from standard 4K scenes to the stunning clarity of 8K content is a visual delight. Whether I am using my Meta Quest or HTC Vive, the compatibility across various headsets ensures a seamless, high-quality viewing experience.

What I Don’t Like About POVR

As much as I enjoy POVR, there are a few areas that I would love to see improved.

Firstly, the free content needs to deliver the immersive experience I crave. The 2D trailers, while viewable on my VR headset, don’t capture the essence of virtual reality.

Missing out on the complete VR encounter without a premium subscription is disheartening. Even when some full versions are accessible with premium membership, others might require navigating through additional sites, adding a layer of complexity that I don’t like to see.

While I appreciate the brilliance of 8K downloads, the file sizes are sometimes a bit hefty, reaching almost 20GB. As someone conscious of bandwidth and hard drive space, this poses a practical challenge. Finding a balance between preserving the impressive quality of 8K content and reducing file sizes could make POVR more user-friendly, especially for those with limited resources.

Despite these drawbacks, POVR remains a go-to platform, and addressing these concerns would further elevate the overall user experience.


Despite only being around since 2020, POVR has quickly grown to capture market share in the VR adult space. Its expansive library, featuring over 18,000 VR videos from more than 90 studios, is impressive. Immersive experiences like the theater mode and live streaming options are a nice touch.

While the platform excels in variety and quality, areas like the quantity of free content and management of large file sizes in high-resolution videos could be improved.

Whether you’re a VR novice or a seasoned aficionado, POVR offers an expansive and immersive journey into the world of virtual reality adult entertainment. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of content, POVR stands as a strong alternative in the VR porn landscape, promising to continue evolving and improving in the years to come.

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